The furnace is a main source of Heating in most of the homes. In the winter, it’s essential to radiating warmth. During the summer, it plays a vital role in moving refreshing, conditioned air from your cooling system. And all year long, your furnace could provide constant air circulation to keep your home dust free and more comfortable. To do this job efficiently your furnaces should be well maintained and replaced when its don its life time service. We can help to keep your furnace maintained, repaired or replaced whenever its necessary. The average lifespan of a furnace is 12-15 years. If your unit is approaching or has exceeded this time frame, you are likely considering a new Furnace. Ask us to help you to repair or replace your existing furnace with a high quality one with a reasonable price.


To many houses using boiler as the main source of the heat. Boilers are a special- purpose water heaters. While furnaces carry heat in warm air, boiler systems distribute the heat in hot water, which gives up heat as it passes through radiators or other devices in rooms throughout the house or drive way. Boilers are using in floor heating or snow melting system as well. Same as the other systems you need to well maintain your boiler to achieve the highest reliability of your heating system when you need it. In Sarman Air we provide all related services not only but including Maintenance, Repair, Replacement or new installation of those well known brands with the highest professionality and reasonable price for your Rads, In floor heating or snow melting system. Just let us know how can we help.


Too many houses use fire place as the back up of main heat system. It not only provide heat but also make a cozy, comfortable room for your family time. We can help you with the Maintenance, Repair, Replacement or even new Installation of your fire place with the most professional, licensed and highly experienced technicians at Sarman Air. Just let us to know how can we help.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are just two-way air conditioners . During the summer, an air conditioner works by moving heat from the relatively cool indoors to the relatively warm outside. In winter, the heat pump reverses this trick, scavenging heat from the cold outdoors with the help of an electrical system, and discharging that heat inside the house. Almost all heat pumps use forced warm-air delivery systems to move heated air throughout the house. At 8°C, the coefficient of performance (COP) of air-source heat pumps typically ranges from between 2.0 and 5.4 while this value for the electric heaters Is 1 and for the high efficiency gas Furnace/Boiler is around 0.95. by installing/ replacing your existing traditional AC with a heat pump you can earn up to $5000 rebates. In Sarman Air we not only install brand new heat pumps but also we provide maintenance and repair services as well. Let us know how can we help with your Heat Pump Issue.


Water Heater

Water Heaters are mostly coming in two types tank and tankless. There are pros and cons for each one.


Tankless Water Heater


  • Advanced tankless technology heats the water quickly and provides more hot water.
  • Endless hot water 24/7/365, even using several fixtures simultaneously.
  • Easy parts and service accessibility for fast repairs
  • Less gas consumption and environment friendly
  • Space saver, especially when you need more room in your mechanical room.


They need more care and maintenance (almost annual)


Tank Water Heater


  • Less maintenance


  • More space necessary
  • More gas consumption, specifically when you are not home.
  • Sarman air provides all services, including Maintenance, Repair and
    installation of all brands in the market.
    Just let us know how we can help.


Sarman air provides all services, including Maintenance, Repair and
installation of all brands in the market for the commercial sector, specifically rooftops and
Unit Heaters. Just let us know how we can help.

Fan coil

Sarman air provides all services, including Maintenance, Repair and installation of all
brands in the market for the condo’s fan coil.
Just let us know how we can help.


Gas line and appliance Hook Up

Sarman air provides other services, including Running a gas line, Hooking up Stove, BBQ and fire pit.
Just let us know how we can help.