The Perfect Heating & Cooling System

Get The Perfect Heating & Cooling System for Your Thornhill Home!

It can be hard to know where to start if you’re looking to upgrade your heating and cooling system. There are many systems on the market, so you must understand what options are available and how best to choose the right one for your home. The first step is knowing what size air conditioner or heat pump will work best for your home and budget. We’ll then help you find contractors in Thornhill who can easily install any necessary system!

How Many BTUs Do I Need?

How many BTUs you need depends on the size of your home and the number of people living in it. The average length of a home in Thornhill is about 1,700 square feet, so you will need to find out how many BTUs are required to heat or cool that space. To do this, you can multiply the square footage by 30 (the number of BTUs per square foot).

If you live in your home and its size is 1,700 sq ft., then 30 x 1,700 = 52,500 BTU/h (British thermal units per hour). This means that an air conditioner with a cooling capacity between 50,000 to 70 000 Btus would work best for your needs.

What Size Air Conditioner Do I Need?

Before determining what size air conditioner is right for your home, you must consider a few factors.

  • Size of Your Home: The first thing you’ll want to consider is the size of your home. How many rooms do you need to cool? What are the square footage measurements on each floor? Knowing these things will help us determine how much power it takes to cool all that space.
  • Number of People in Your House: If more people live in your house than just yourself, we need to account for their presence when deciding on an AC unit. Are they all adults, or does one have pets? Is someone allergic? Are there children who may be timid around loud fans or high temperatures (if so, portable air conditioners may be best)? Many things go into this part, so let’s get started!

What Systems Are There?

A heat pump is a great way to stay warm in the winter. You can use it to heat your home by either transferring heat from outside or by using electricity to move the air around. A heat pump is also an excellent way to stay cool in the summer, as this system works just as well on hot days when you want to keep cool rather than warm.

A heat pump can be used as both a heating and cooling system at the same time. If you live in a mild climate with no extremes between seasons, this may not matter much for you; however, for those who live somewhere like Thornhill (which has extreme seasonal changes), it can make quite a bit of difference!

For example: during one season, you could use your heat pump to keep things warm inside while turning off all other heating systems like furnaces or baseboard radiators – saving yourself money on utility bills! Then during another season later that year, when temperatures drop below zero degrees Celsius outside (or above 110 degrees Fahrenheit), simply switch over into cooling mode instead – keeping everyone comfortable inside without having any additional costs regarding their monthly payments!”

Find The Right Comfort Solution for Your Thornhill Home

Before you start looking for a heating and cooling system, it’s essential to consider the size of your home. How many people live in the house? Do you have pets? How much do you want to spend on your new system? Once you’ve answered these questions, think about which type of heating and cooling system will work best for your home:

  • Air Conditioning: If it’s hot outside and humid, air conditioning can help cool down rooms in all kinds of weather conditions. You might want to consider an air conditioning unit if…
  • Heat Pumps: Heat pumps provide heat and air conditioning by using electricity instead of propane or natural gas. This makes them ideal for homes with limited fuel sources, such as solar panels or wind turbines. A heat pump may be right for you if…

What Kind of Heating and Cooling System Will Work Best for Your Home

There are five types of heating and cooling systems:

Air Source Heat Pumps

Geothermal Heat Pumps

Electric Central Air Conditioning Systems

A Heat Pump Is Also an Option

A heat pump may be an excellent option if you’re looking for a heating and cooling system that can do more than just provide comfort. Heat pumps are versatile, efficient, and relatively quiet compared to other systems. They can be used in many climates and can help reduce your monthly utility bills. If you live in an area where winters are cold and summers are hot (or vice versa), a heat pump could help keep your home comfortable all year round without purchasing two separate units for heating & cooling purposes.

A heat pump uses energy from the air outside your house or building to create both heating and cooling effects inside. The process is similar to how refrigerators work—it uses electricity or natural gas instead of ice cubes! Heat pumps do this by moving low-temperature liquid refrigerant between coils within their housing unit: when the liquid passes through these coils, it absorbs heat from indoors; when it travels back outside, those identical coils release coolness into your home once again.

Heat pumps also tend to be quieter than traditional furnaces because they don’t need exhaust fans like furnaces; however, there will still be some noise coming from fans within each unit, so depending on comfort levels, this may still pose an issue in certain situations

Consider Your Pre-Installation Heating and Cooling Options

The next step in finding the perfect home heating and cooling system for your Thornhill home is considering your pre-installation options. You should consider several things before deciding on a specific type of system. These include

The size and layout of your home

The climate of your area

The age of the property (and how well it’s insulated)

How much money do you want to spend on the installation

How To Find the Best HVAC Contractors In Thornhill

The best HVAC contractors in Thornhill are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). This is because the BBB is a non-profit organization that ensures businesses carry out proper business practices. Therefore, you can be sure that any contractor accredited by this organization will be reliable and trustworthy.

It’s also important to look at how many years of experience a company has under its belt; if they have been around for decades, then they likely have extensive knowledge about what works best regarding heating and cooling needs.

In addition to looking at the length of time the company has existed, consider whether there are testimonials from past customers on their website or elsewhere online if no reviews are available on sites other than Yelp! This may indicate something shady going on behind closed doors (or maybe just not enough people have used their services yet!).

Get the proper heating and cooling system for your Thornhill home. We can help find the best HVAC contractors in Thornhill to help you get what you need!

We can help you find the proper heating and cooling system for your Thornhill home. Not only that, but we have been in business for over ten years, helping many Thornhill homeowners with their HVAC systems. We have an excellent reputation in the community and are certified by the Better Business Bureau.

There’s no denying that the proper heating and cooling system can make your home feel more comfortable and energy efficient. Whether you choose a traditional furnace or a more modern heat pump, there are plenty of options available at Sarman Air Inc to meet your needs. We know that finding the right HVAC contractors to install these systems can be tricky, so we’ve gathered some tips here to help guide you along the way!

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